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Continuity. Vepe was founded 82 years ago and is a family led business in 4th generation. We develop, design, manufacture and sell steel structure products for different industries. While the products have evolved a lot over the years the customer centric focus has remained at all times. Vepe has produced nearly 2000 ice hockey rinks for more than 40 years since 1976. Our customers can be found in 25 countries in Europe, Russia and Asia.  In 2016 we have exported ice hockey rinks to China, Austria, Estonia, Germany, Norway, Slovenia and Switzerland. Our ice hockey business continues to grow strongly.


Vepe was the 1st company to develop and deliver flexible safe dasher board in Europe for 2012 Ice Hockey World Championship games in Sweden, Stockholm. This was a great example of Vepe’s innovation and leadership in ice hockey. During the last 5 years Vepe has invested a lot to develop and produce safer ice hockey rinks from recreational ice hockey to professional leagues, from training halls to championship arenas. Vepe Safe Boards reduce the hit towards the player by 50% and Vepe’s elastic cap rail reduces the hit towards the head by 80%.

Vepe has always actively cooperated with Ministry of Sports as well as with both Finnish and International Ice Hockey Federations (FIHF and IIHF). In 2013 Vepe was invited by FIFH to join a Task Force to define and develop new safety rules for ice hockey dasher boards. These safety rules were the base for the International Ice Hockey Federation Rulebook for 2015-2017.


Vepe works very closely with the customers for continuous development. Finland has invested a lot in ice hockey infrastructure by building 250 ice halls during the last 50 years. The investment in infrastructure has helped Finland to become number one ice hockey country in the world. The close relationship between manufacturers such as Vepe and ice hockey clubs, federations and municipals has really paid off. We go to new markets together, sport helping the business and vise versa. We also think that Vepe’s long experience and know-how helps new members and countries of ice hockey family to enjoy ice hockey, number one winter sports, even more in the future. 

Reference projects

LeSports Center, Beijing, China
Ice Hockey dasher board for multifunctional arenas:
Vepe Beta

Globe Arena, Stockholm, Sweden
Ice Hockey dasher board for multifunctional arenas:
Vepe Zeta

Bled Sports Hall, Slovenia
Ice Hockey dasher board for training halls: Vepe Epsilon

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